Roma Communities Development Project (Regeneration of Villages programme)

Project details

More than 600 Roma (gypsies) live in three small communities on the outskirts of Giri* and T*rian villages. As you can see from the photo of their homes, they live in abject poverty. No houses have water,
many do not have electricity and some cannot afford the wood to heat their homes during the long severe winters. Families with six or more children live in a one room mud brick house with leaky roofs.
In partnership with the mayor and councillors, together with Roma communities we are developing a programme to provide proper infrastructure (made up roads, water, drainage, electricity, adequate house foundations, etc.) Roma families in greatest need will be able to become part of a housing association where they will work together to build new three room houses with a bathroom and have a little land where they may keep a horse, chickens, pigs or cows. This will help integrate them into village life and provide a little support for the families.

We have also been invited to partner the Greco Catholic Church in the village who have an ideal plot of land beside the school in Giri* which is suitable for building a social centre which will help support all the poorest in the village with basic needs such as washing facilities as well as help for children attending the local kindergarten or school.

Funding required

Together with our partners, we will be applying for grants, however, donations will also be needed.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer workers for building and practical work come from the Roma communities, however please read next project for summer help with Roma children.