Multiple Sclerosis Day Centre, Oradea, Romania

Project details

Working with Bihor MS Foundation, RO-MAN-AID established a multi functional centre which provides rehabilitation treatment together with social and medical care. It has a team of professional staff and now also provides a home visiting service.

Funding required

The Day Centre has now been operating since 1995 and the building will shortly be completely renovated and re equipped, so we also are helping with a project to provide temporary accommodation for six months by converting the summer pavilion. RO-MAN-AID sponsors the cost of a part time nurse and would love to be able to provide funding for additional staff. Funding either towards either the pavilion conversion or staffing, no matter how little will be extremely useful.

Volunteer opportunities

Those with relevant medical or social work experience would be very valuable if they are able to offer their services. Also, there is an opportunity for those who wish to help with the summer pavilion conversion. Please contact us for more details.