Education of Roma (Gypsy) children

Project details

Many Roma children never go to school and only about 30% complete Primary Education. RO-MAN-AID have been asked for help by two village communities and in addition we are also carrying out a long term research project because the problems are so widespread.

The village of Girisu de Cris have recently increased the enrolment of Roma children, but they are experiencing many difficulties in the classroom. RO-MAN-AID has agreed to help develop a strategy to combat some of the problems.

We also wish to support the Tulca Foundation and their Kindergarten and Homework Centre project. Most Roma parents in this area are illiterate and many families live in one small room, making help at home with schoolwork an impossibility!

Funding required

The Tulca Association need funds to provide sanitary and washing facilities within the Centre. The school and kindergarten in Girisu de Cris need funding for the scheme to help integrate Roma children successfully into the mainstream school and to support older children who wish to stay on at school to pass examinations which will enable them, as adults, to become employed. Any donations, no matter how small, can help with these projects. We are also considering a sponsorship scheme for the older children. If you are interested in this please contact us.

Volunteer opportunities

We are interested in volunteers who would like to help in the summer with the youngest Roma children preparing for school or kindergarten. Please contact us for more details.