Rural Fire Service and Fire Service Training

Project details

This project started in the spring of 2008 with the donation of fire engines from the Isle of Man. Training is being given in fire fighting skills and in the organisation of a Volunteer Service in Girisu de Cris, the first of its kind in Romania. It has now developed into a fruitful partnership with the County Emergency Services who have also asked for help in some training areas. Initial talks with the Austrian Fire Service in order to supplement the training are being planned and a second rural fire service, using the “Giris” service as a model may soon start being developed.

Funding required

We need money to provide logistic training in organising the volunteer fire service as well as reinforcing skills taught in the initial training.

Roma Communities Development Project (Regeneration of Villages programme)

Project details

More than 600 Roma (gypsies) live in three small communities on the outskirts of Giri* and T*rian villages. As you can see from the photo of their homes, they live in abject poverty. No houses have water,
many do not have electricity and some cannot afford the wood to heat their homes during the long severe winters. Families with six or more children live in a one room mud brick house with leaky roofs.
In partnership with the mayor and councillors, together with Roma communities we are developing a programme to provide proper infrastructure (made up roads, water, drainage, electricity, adequate house foundations, etc.) Roma families in greatest need will be able to become part of a housing association where they will work together to build new three room houses with a bathroom and have a little land where they may keep a horse, chickens, pigs or cows. This will help integrate them into village life and provide a little support for the families.

We have also been invited to partner the Greco Catholic Church in the village who have an ideal plot of land beside the school in Giri* which is suitable for building a social centre which will help support all the poorest in the village with basic needs such as washing facilities as well as help for children attending the local kindergarten or school.

Funding required

Together with our partners, we will be applying for grants, however, donations will also be needed.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer workers for building and practical work come from the Roma communities, however please read next project for summer help with Roma children.

Multiple Sclerosis Day Centre, Oradea, Romania

Project details

Working with Bihor MS Foundation, RO-MAN-AID established a multi functional centre which provides rehabilitation treatment together with social and medical care. It has a team of professional staff and now also provides a home visiting service.

Funding required

The Day Centre has now been operating since 1995 and the building will shortly be completely renovated and re equipped, so we also are helping with a project to provide temporary accommodation for six months by converting the summer pavilion. RO-MAN-AID sponsors the cost of a part time nurse and would love to be able to provide funding for additional staff. Funding either towards either the pavilion conversion or staffing, no matter how little will be extremely useful.

Volunteer opportunities

Those with relevant medical or social work experience would be very valuable if they are able to offer their services. Also, there is an opportunity for those who wish to help with the summer pavilion conversion. Please contact us for more details.

Education of Roma (Gypsy) children

Project details

Many Roma children never go to school and only about 30% complete Primary Education. RO-MAN-AID have been asked for help by two village communities and in addition we are also carrying out a long term research project because the problems are so widespread.

The village of Girisu de Cris have recently increased the enrolment of Roma children, but they are experiencing many difficulties in the classroom. RO-MAN-AID has agreed to help develop a strategy to combat some of the problems.

We also wish to support the Tulca Foundation and their Kindergarten and Homework Centre project. Most Roma parents in this area are illiterate and many families live in one small room, making help at home with schoolwork an impossibility!

Funding required

The Tulca Association need funds to provide sanitary and washing facilities within the Centre. The school and kindergarten in Girisu de Cris need funding for the scheme to help integrate Roma children successfully into the mainstream school and to support older children who wish to stay on at school to pass examinations which will enable them, as adults, to become employed. Any donations, no matter how small, can help with these projects. We are also considering a sponsorship scheme for the older children. If you are interested in this please contact us.

Volunteer opportunities

We are interested in volunteers who would like to help in the summer with the youngest Roma children preparing for school or kindergarten. Please contact us for more details.

Community Education

Project details

This began with community education in fire safety in a rural district but has now grown to involve both city and rural areas of Romania and is also widening its scope to include other health and safety issues. We are in partnership with Romanian County Emergency services and an Education Department and are using a multi media approach, often involving children.

Funding required

In order to contribute towards costs such as film production, publications and posters, we are seeking a sum of £2,000.

Volunteer opportunities

Expert trainers in health and safety who are willing to offer their expertise by spending a week or two in Romania or helping to develop media particularly relevant to Romania could be very useful. Please contact us for more details.

Micro Finance Project

This project aims to help poor families set up a small business such as a tea shop, do some sewing, purchase a goat or buffalo.

The families pay back a percentage of the initial investment money out of their profits, providing an added incentive for them to make their business a success.

Any donation, no matter how small, can help with this project

Village Clinic Project

Like most other countries there is no NHS in India. There are Government hospitals, no free healthcare. All medical consultations, tests, X-rays, medication and surgery must be paid for. Even with charges cut to a minimum this immediately becomes a problem for low income families. Prevention is better than cure.

Village clinics combined with health education are a very useful first line of defense against serious illness.

Connect2Charity – ManASVI

Parents in extreme poverty who find themselves with the added burden of a seriously ill or disabled child may abandon it in the hope of state care. The child will be taken off the streets, fed and given shelter, but little else.

Local charities provide a much fuller life for the child that includes education and medical treatment, however the cost of the care limits the number of children they can take.

ManASVI will show a child in need of sponsorship on this page every month.

Connect2Charity – Anne Frank + You Exhibition

Anne Frank + You is the title of a travelling exhibition being brought to the Island (Corrin Hall, Peel Cathedral) by the Sub Dean of St Germans Cathedral for a month between 4-29 March 2010.

Starting from Anne Frank’s writings and experiences, the exhibition is a journey of self exploration for the visitor.

Themes that Anne wrote about in her diary, such as racial hatred, war and conflict and the value of democracy and freedom, are presented in an up to date and contemporary fashion, along with filmed interviews with teenagers discussing their own views, concerns and hopes for the future.

Anne Frank + You was launched in 2005 to give Anne Frank’s story and message a current profile for today. It has a strong focus on the issues of identity and moral choice we face in the twenty first century. It is suitable for adults and children from age 10 upwards.

The exhibition includes:

The Anne Frank photo album featuring poignant photos of Anne and her sister Margot
Replica artefacts from Anne’s life and the Holocaust
The chilling ‘genocide tunnel’
A near-life-size replica of Anne’s bedroom in the Secret Annexe
An interactive virtual tour of the Secret Annexe in Amsterdam, where the Frank family hid for over two years
Powerful graphic imagery of the social issues affecting us in today’s society, encouraging us to consider the similarities between the hopes, dreams and fears of Anne Frank and today’s young people.

The Anne Frank + You exhibition has always been a highly valued vehicle for explaining to the value of democracy and a civil society. At the same time it aims to encourage the building of a socially cohesive and responsible community.

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